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What can an informed gold investment do for me?


Gold has been used for thousands of years as a form of currency. Its value does not fluctuate the way paper currency does. Since the ending of the gold standard our paper money, or political money, is essentially worthless. This can leave one vulnerable to the ebbs and flow of the markets. In these uncertain economic times there is no safer bet than a wise gold or silver investment. An informed investment in gold means the most secure allocation of your resources for the future financial health of you and your loved ones.


What are the perils of going it alone versus a knowledgeable gold consultant?


All gold is not created equal! That is the first rule of thumb and the distinguishing factor between going it alone and having the know-how of a seasoned professional. Beware of those who are quick to sell you “quality” gold with little knowledge or experience in the gold and silver investing world. Not only do you need someone with a deep understanding of the distinctions between high-value gold and fool’s gold, you need someone with a history in stocks and finance. The unique combination of a financial adviser who understands the markets which affect the price of gold along with an expert in distinguishing quality gold gives you the best of both worlds. You can rest assured that you are spending your time and money in one of the most sound long-term investments out there.


How secure is an investment in quality gold?


Gold is a nonrenewable natural resource. This means it will always be intrinsically valuable. However, it needs to be reinforced that ALL GOLD IS NOT CREATED EQUAL. Putting stock into a reputable gold consultant, like those at Mitchell Consulting and Capital Group, is a necessary cost to avoid the endless pitfalls and scams out there with regard to this hot commodity. Over time your gold consultant will help to educate you as an investor so that you can understand the subtle nuances of this complex industry. Before going it alone, make your very first investment a smart one by investing in a proven gold expert.