U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt:



About Gold and Silver

Gold & Silver have been money for over 5,000 years, the money of Kings. In fact, gold is the reason for our paper money now (referred to around the world as “FIAT” money). Paper money was created as a “receipt” for Gold & Silver in lieu of having to carry around the actual bullion metal, coins, and such that were quite heavy and cumbersome. In fact, old paper U.S. money actually said at the bottom of the bill (depending on the dollar amount), “this note entitles the bearer to receive on demand” 5,10, 20, 50, etc., etc., worth of Gold or Silver bullion. Therefore, the dollar was backed by Gold & Silver originally until 1971.

Did you know that the dollar is NOT backed by gold anymore? What happened?

President Nixon took America off the Gold standard for reasons most probably untrue at that time, and the real reasons could possibly soon unfold. This is a story which I’ll share my opinions on later, but the crux of the story and the main question to ponder is…does the U.S. still own the Gold it reports it does in Ft. Knox, N.Y. Fed, West Point, and other vaults?

The above information is factual and can be found by doing research. Opinions about today’s financial crises are plentiful and I have found most to be irresponsible, misleading, and even dangerous. The facts to date, as well as all the reasons for everyone around the world to own both Silver & Gold in this order, couldn’t be more solid or compelling. All the while getting stronger by the day! Have you seen the “National debt clock”? Like a ticking time bomb getting closer and closer to detonation!

Financial chaos is unfolding in Europe, Japan, and the U.S., and it is affecting the entire world! In my opinion, we as a country have long passed the point of no return. We, the U.S., WILL NEVER be able to pay back the debt. Not the “phony debt” that is reported by the U.S. government, but the REAL DEBT that I believe eventually will be uncovered and be north of $200 trillion…$200,000,000,000.00!!! And possibly more!

The above ridiculously large number includes entitlement programs Americans depend on such as social security, medicare, medi-cal, defense spending, etc. Just to put this number into context, it is already over 10 times what our nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is, which is what the U.S. brings in revenues annually for taxes, goods/services we sell, and other income streams. To put this in mind boggling context, if you spent 1 million a day since the birth of Christ, you still wouldn’t have spent 1 trillion today!!!

Think about that for a minute, because the people in control currently in our country are throwing the number a “trillion” and “trillions” around like it was a thousands yesterday. And there’s even a NEW number, QUADRILLION! Do you know what CDS’s (credit default swaps) are? They are ticking time bombs that the government and media don’t discuss. If Americans knew, we would all be panicking given the current situations in Greece, Spain, Italy, and now France! Also, the U.S. dollar status as the “reserve currency” of the world is now in jeopardy!

We’re in trouble, people, and headed for default eventually with steep dollar devaluations. This doesn’t even take into consideration hyperinflation, the inevitable result of our government not knowing what to do, so they keep printing new money just to pay our bills while exploding America’s debt! This tactic is not new and has ALWAYS ended badly by destroying the currency…the dollar in this case.

The advice I have to offer can MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE… even a Monster Difference!

I have some facts about the incredible fortunes made in the last Gold & Silver bull markets of the 1930′s and 1970′s. And when I say incredible, I REALLY MEAN INCREDIBLE!!! I look forward to sharing my 20+ years of investment experience as a stockbroker/investment banker and also as an executive for a public mining company (beginning in 2006) to those willing to learn and take action on protecting themselves and their loved ones. Let an expert help guide you to the investments that will help preserve your wealth and guide you to proven past investments that can make you ultra wealthy! Look forward to watching my video blog, ” The Mike Knows His Shite Show” with NEW episodes each week. The show will contain important “headlines” from around the world that are not getting hardly any airtime but, are very important to the world economy. These along with my latest opinions on facts that affect all of our financial futures.