U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt:




Why Gold & Silver in these uncertain economic times?

A: Better question to ask would be, why paper money? Most people don’t understand that “Paper money” (referred to as “Fiat” money) is “worthless” and was created originally only as a “Receipt” for the hard currency of Gold/Silver, this has been for over 5,000 years. Only, in 1970 was the notion “Snuck in” by the big banks that then talked politicians into taking the U.S. off of the gold standard that has us now be in the position we are, broke. Creating ALL the money they have wanted, backed by NOTHING! Money after being taken off the Gold standard was then backed by words and I quote, “The full faith and credit of the United States of America!” Well…..we’re bankrupt! So much for that, take that for what it’s worth. Another important fact is paper dollars do not have Intrinsic value, Gold & Silver and other metals do and that’s why you need to own these “Right” metal products to protect you from a “Currency collapse, ” or definitely devaluations like we’re headed for. In short, the value of paper money is going to go down, Waaay down, while Gold/Silver are going to go up, Waaay up!

Why Goldzilla1.com of all the other websites and advice available?

A: All successful investors have one thing in common. Great advice!
Great advice is “rare” like any other industry where a very few are really good even the best at what they do. I’ve proven my ability time after time with  predictions that have come true and have made investors a FORTUNE who have followed my advice.
You shouldn’t trust your investment dollars to any other person without these results and ability.
Mine are factual and well documented.

What are the “Best” Gold & Silver products to buy?

A: This is a great question because there are many types and most of them, ARE NOT GOOD! I give people advice on what I have uncovered over years and years of discovery as well as being an ex-mining executive on what has and will be the BEST to own to insure you and yours and better, get wealthy!

I’ve purchased Gold ETF’s and Gold futures contracts, are these good investments to own in case of a paper currency collapse?

A: NO, they are on my top list of “What not” to own to protect your money with. As well as a lot of others.

What about Gold & Silver stocks are they a good way to protect me and my families wealth and potentially get wealthy?

A: Gold & Silver stocks in the past bad economic times went up way, way past the impressive highs of Gold & Silver and this is my greatest area of expertise. Being a stockbroker for 15 years before jumping on the “Gold/Silver” bandwagon and where the greatest value I have to offer people as investors is the few Gold/Silver stocks I beileve will be the best out of the “Thousands” there are to pick from. This is where I expect investors will make FORTUNES!