U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt:





Today’s world is not the same as in grandpa’s days, especially when it comes to buying/selling silver coins.   How do you know if what you have is genuine silver or fake?  Below are a few simple tests that can be done at home to determine if the silver coins you have are authentic.


This first test is easy.  All you need is your coin and an ice cube.  Because silver is an excellent heat conduit, your ice cube should begin to melt as quickly as you place your coin on top of it. 


Another really great and inexpensive test involves regular kitchen bleach.  Silver should tarnish when exposed to any sort of oxidizing chemical, i.e. bleach.  This test will require you to lay your coin on a paper towel and drop a small amount of bleach directly on your coin.  If the silver begins to turn black you have a winner.  Beware that silver-plated items will also pass this test. 


Our next household test requires a magnet – a kitchen magnet hanging on the refrigerator door should work.  Silver is non-magnetic so you can easily use your imagination for this test.  Place your coin on the table and hover the magnet a few inches above it.  If your precious coin moves, then what you really have is a fake. 


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