U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt:



Gold and Silver Investments

Gold and silver has been known as the currency of the royals.  Through the decades it has proven its value to mankind. Through the history of men, it has been the most prized possession. It passes on from generations to generations, and can be handed down as an...


So after almost ten years, the Federal Reserve System, now run under Chairwoman Janet Yellen, raised the interest rate .25 percentage points. The initial reaction from the Dow was to lose nearly 370 points. Are we going to see roller coaster volatility in the market...

Consultation on Gold and Silver Investment Strategies

Michell Consulting and Capital Group LLC provides business and investment consulting services for small businesses. The consulting firm was founded by Michael Mitchell, who has a passion in helping people to survive the economic recession. Mitchell has successfully...