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A Few Nuggets of Wisdom Before You Invest in Gold
Just like other investments, the price of gold fluctuates. Unlike shares, though, the demand is not solely driven by the jewelry industry. Gold is viewed as a currency, and so its prices stay relatively stable compared to other forms of investment.
What rocks the boat when it comes to the value of gold? Prices will react to such things as political instability in the countries that this mineral is mined and everywhere else in the world. Inflation is yet another factor, seeing as it will affect almost any investment and economic aspect of the country. Speculations will also see prices of this commodity falter.
What Causes A Rise In Price?
Gold is priced in dollars, and so its price has an inverse relation with the currency. When the dollar weakens, gold becomes more expensive for foreign investors to buy. That streak stays so until the dollar finds its foot again.
One other thing that is guaranteed to spike the price is gold is a hunger for the commodity. Just like on any other market, demand for gold will make the prices rise. Now, if investors in developed economies refuse to put their money in government bonds, (due to low-interest rates), they will opt to invest in gold. As long as demand stays high, the price remains high.
Why Is Gold A Wise Investment?
Seeing as the world recognizes it as a store of value, gold does not lose its value when a country’s currency crashes. It has an inverse relationship with legal tender, and so it acts as a hedge against a weakening dollar.
Gold is the ideal form of investment when you want to diversify your portfolio. The fact that it does not behave like most investment options (in the stock and money markets) makes it a solid option that will keep rising or stay stable even when the economy is crashing.