U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt:



During the ancient times gold and silver was the mode of payment which was known as the money of Kings before paper money was invented. Throughout centuries gold and silver has been able to appreciate in value  being a tangible asset while paper money has failed to maintain a stable value. There are a good numbers of reasons why you should consider investing in gold and silver and below are some of them provided by gold and silver investment San Diego, CA.
Serves as the ultimate insurance policy
Throughout history printed money has seen pronounced periods of inflation or even hyper inflation which proved to be devastating to nation’s political, social and economical stability. When you own gold or silver you are in a better position to protect your wealth in the event of an economic tragedy. This will serve as an insurance policy set to benefit you more if disaster strikes.
Emergence of work demand
More and more countries including China and India represent a good market due to their ever growing appetite for gold and silver. This emergence will in turn create a demand in the market. It might be very beneficial to consider gold and silver investment sooner.
It can be privately owned
Anonymity is something most investors want. Silver and gold offers this since  they can be both bought and owned at your discretion. This gives you the chance to keep them both privately and anonymously.
This is a major advantage when you consider gold and silver investment. Gold bullion tend to be highly portable and liquid. This can prove to be very convenient since you are able to store the gold even in your home.
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