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When Should You Invest In Gold
Investing in gold may be a wise decision as it has been regarded a long term wealth store at times when there is crisis. While gold buyers may purchase the precious metal to protect their wealth, they also multiply their money. Before you investment in gold, you need to know a thing or two.
Gold is Scarce
It’s difficult to find gold and already, only about 160,000 tonnes have been mined. The world’s aboveground stocks or mined gold, and the unmined reserves are estimated to be about 205,000 tonnes. Much of the gold has already been mined and the remaining portion may be mined by 2025.
95 percent Held as Wealth
Very little gold is consumed, and this is in areas like the electronics and false teeth, but about 95% does exist as a wealth store. It is in form of bullion vaults and jewelry. The supply is slowly growing, but the stock does not disappear. The money systems are expanding. And, because gold’s supply is not expanding, it has been seen as a reliable way to store a purchasing power compared to currencies.
Gold can Multiply and Destroy Wealth
If you buy and own gold at the right time, you can have an asset that appreciates fast when other business assets including money are tumbling. You know that in 1929, there was a crash on gold investment, but 5 years after, its purchasing power climbed up to about 17 times. Look at the 1970s, you will find that investments in gold had a purchasing power that rose about 15 times.
In 1980 to 2000, there was a downside for gold investment where the investment purchasing power lost close to seven eighths. When the outlook of business improves, you may want to sell your gold and invest in businesses and people.
You need to know when to buy and when to sell your gold. This way, you are taking part in the dynamic creation of wealth. Do you want to learn more about gold investments? Goldzilla can help you make wise decisions and get the most of your gold.