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Why Gold is Still a Viable Investment in the Modern Economy
Many people would ask whether it still pays to invest in gold, and while the answer to this question may not be as straightforward as you may think, there are many benefits of owning and investing in gold. Today, there are more options than ever to invest in gold ranging from the exchange-traded funds or ETFs to buying physical gold and gold stocks. Here are things you may want to know about investing in gold and why it’s a viable investment in these days:
Gold in the Modern Economy
Today, world currencies including the dollar are not backed by gold, meaning that the production of the monetary units doesn’t have to be based on gold or silver amounts contained in them. In 1971, the United States let go the gold standard that allowed the U.S. currency to be backed by gold and that’s why we today use paper money. In the modern economy, gold is an important economic parameter something that is validated by the increasing need by banks and other monetary institutions to hold gold reserves.
Why Gold Preserves Wealth
Gold is known to preserve wealth and it has happened in thousands of generations. When you look at the paper currencies, they are unable to hold this trend. If for example, you owned an ounce of gold in the 1970s, it would be equivalent to owning about $35. However, if you kept the $35 dollars with you, assuming that you don’t take it to the bank, you would still be having the $35 dollars today, which is of less value compared to that time. But if you had the same ounce of gold presently, it would have a higher value in terms of dollar amount.
Hedging Against Rising Inflation and Declining Dollar Value
Commodity prices are rising and the U.S. dollar is declining and these two scenarios have prompted gold to be seen as a safe haven. Investors will count on gold whenever there are uncertainties that may affect the value of currencies and the economies at large. On the global scale, gold is priced in United States dollars, so if the dollar weakens, investors whose currencies have appreciated will find it cheap to buy and own gold investments. Gold is also a preferred option for investors that want to diversify their portfolio.
If you want to invest in gold and are confused over the choices and the smartest ways to do it, Goldzilla comes in handy to make you make the right decision.